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from configparser import ConfigParser
import requests
CONFIG_PATH = "/etc/nextcloudregister/config.ini"
class NextcloudApiException(Exception):
# base exception for unknown or undocumented errors
class NextcloudApiInvalidInputData(NextcloudApiException):
# data geven to the api were not valid
class NextcloudApiUsernamealreadyExists(NextcloudApiException):
# try to create a user with an already existing username
class NextcloudApiPermissionDenied(NextcloudApiException):
# Not enough right to perform that action
class NextcloudApiUnknownError(NextcloudApiException):
# generic error with an hint
def __init__(self, hint):
self.hint = hint
class NextcloudApiNoEmailPassword(NextcloudApiException):
# At least one of email or password is mandatory
class NextcloudApiCannotSendEmail(NextcloudApiException):
# invitation email not sent
class NextcloudApi:
"""Class that abstract the Nexcloud api to handle the user creation. This
class only abstract a small part of the api.
:param str config_path: path to the configfile for the application
def __init__(self, config_path=CONFIG_PATH):
self.config_path = config_path
def config(self):
"""lazy loading for the configuration to make the class free to
if not hasattr(self, "_config"):
self._config = ConfigParser()
return self._config
def count_accounts(self):
"""Returns the number of accounts already existing on this nextcloud
:rtype: int
:returns the number of accounts
:raise: NextcloudApiException if the api was not available
raw_dict = self._request(endpoint="users")
users = raw_dict['ocs']['data'].get('users', [])
return len(users)
def create_account(self, username, password=None, email=None):
"""Try to create a new user account using the provided data.
:param str username: the username to use for this account
:param str password: the password for the new user. optional is an
email is given
:param str email: the email for the new user. optional if a password is
ValueError: if the email and the password are empty
NextcloudApiException: if the api was not available or an unknow
error ocured
NextcloudApiInvalidInputData: the given data are somwhat invalid
NextcloudApiUsernamealreadyExists: the given username is already
NextcloudApiPermissionDenied: the given user in the options has no
right to create a user
NextcloudApiUnknownError: un anknow error acured but with an hint
NextcloudApiCannotSendEmail: could not send the invitation email
data = {
"userid": username,
if password:
data["password"] = password
if email:
data["email"] = email
result = self._request(
status = result['ocs']['meta']['statuscode']
if status == 101:
raise NextcloudApiInvalidInputData()
elif status == 102:
raise NextcloudApiUsernamealreadyExists()
elif status == 103:
raise NextcloudApiException("103")
elif status == 105:
raise NextcloudApiPermissionDenied()
elif status == 107:
raise NextcloudApiUnknownError(
elif status == 108:
raise NextcloudApiNoEmailPassword()
elif status == 109:
elif status != 100:
raise NextcloudApiException(str(status))
def _request(self, endpoint, *, data=None, verb="GET"):
"""Abstract most of the boilerplate work to make a restapi call to
:rtype: dict
:returns: the api answer to the request
:raise: NextcloudApiException if the api was not available
if verb.upper() not in ("GET", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE"):
raise ValueError("Unknown http verb")
url = self._get_url(endpoint)
headers = {
"OCS-APIRequest": "true",
"Accept": "application/json",
if verb.upper() == "POST":
headers["Content-Type"] = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
url = f"{url}?format=json"
method = getattr(requests, verb.lower())
kwargs = {
"headers": headers,
"auth": (
self.config.get("api", "username"),
self.config.get("api", "password")
"data": data,
if self.config.getboolean("api", "use_https"):
if not self.config.getboolean("api", "check_certificate"):
kwargs["verify"] = False
result = method(url, **kwargs)
if result.status_code not in (200, 204):
raise NextcloudApiException(
"Nextcloud api unavailable code: %s" % result.status_code
return result.json()
def _get_url(self, endpoint):
"""Builds the url to call for the iven endpoint of api
:rtype: str
:returns: the full url with scheme for the given endpoint
url = ""
# build protocol scheme
url += "http"
if self.config.getboolean("api", "use_https"):
url += "s"
url += "://"
# add domain
url += self.config.get("api", "domain")
# add fullpath to endpoint
url = "/".join(
self.config.get("api", "base_uri"),
return url